Monday, September 5, 2011

Caso Estudio-CNC CUT

FORNES is a registeredArchitecte DPLGmixed with a fine connoisseur in computer science. Hidden under his label THEVERYMANY™ – – he is one of the leading figure in the development of computational protocols applied to the field of design and fabrication. He defines research and practice aganda as a quest forExplicit and Encoded”, “Precise Indetermination”, “Progressive Geometryall seekingUnconventional Futures”.

In 2004 he graduated with a Master of Architecture and Urbanism from the Design Research Lab of the Architectural Association in London after having previously studied in France and Sweden (KTH). Marc’s professional work experience in La Reunion, France, UK and the US includes SOM, Ross Lovegrove and ZAHA HADID Architects, where he was the project architect, from competition to tender documentation, for an experimental Mediatheque in Pau. During his three years on this project he directed the material research and geometrical development for what would have been the largest self-supported carbon fibre shell to date.
Marctogether with Francois Roche (R&Sie(n)) – started “(n)Certainties” – a graduate studio recurently hosted in Fall at Columbia University (NYC) with visiting ones at the University of Southern California (Los Angeles) and at Die Angewandte (Vienna) as its Cross Over studio. He since taught at University of Michigan and at Harvard/GSD. In parallel of academia – Marc is also teaching for McNeel numerous scripting workshops (Rhinoscript/Python) across the globe.
Under THEVERYMANY™ – Marc has designed and built a extensive body of large scale prototypical installations. He has been invited across the globe, lecturing at the MoMA (NYC), showing work at the Guggenheim (NYC) and is part of the permanent collection of the Centre Pompidou (Paris) and the FRAC Centre in Orleans. In 2007 he designed and launched – – the first exhibition exclusively focusing on scripted processes within designand curated in 2008 the European section for the Architecture Biennale in Beijing.

Y/Surf/Struc* Centre Pompidou, Paris (4th floor)
*structure part of the permanent collection of the Centre Pompidou, Paris.

Design: MARC FORNES :: THEVERYMANY™ ©2010-11

Design team:: Marc Fornes (principal), Maurizio Bianchi
Design Development:: Marc Fornes, Jeff Quantz, Claudia Corcilius
Custom computation protocols:: Marc Fornes in Python / Rhinocommon
Digital Fabrication: WashU / Ken Tracy, John Dolci, Matt Fromboluti, Jeff Sullivan,…
Prototyping:: Jeff Quantz, Peter Nguyen
Drawings: Dwight Engel, Anass Benhachmi
Assembly in Paris:: Marc Fornes, Jeff Quantz, Peter Nguyen
+ Maurizio Bianchi, Nicolas Pouget, Odile Rousseau,…
Students:: Andrea Buttarini, Kamilla Csegzi, Margarita De Bruijn, Ana Feijao, Petros Giannakakis, Alessia Girardi, Napas Kitirattragan, Marysol Kraviez, Yanisa Niennattrakul, Panpailin Pipattanasakul, Claudio Saccucci.

Esta escultura , la cual esta expuesta en la exposición permanente del centro Pompidou en Paris, es el perfecto ejemplo de laser cut en 2d , ya que el diseño del modelo es todo hecho en RHINO, y aplicando todos lo protocolos de computacíon y de diseño. Teniendo así un equipo con el cual se pudo lograr, el modelo es diseñado en 3d pero se hizo un despiece de una larga cantidad de piezas codificadas para poderlo armar , y todas cortadas en 2d con lasér y el cual al irlo armando da la una forma totalmente tridimencional y compleja a escala 1/1; la cual esta mostrado el proceso de armado y de despiece en las fotografías anteriores.

Siendo así este el modelo expuesto en Paris, tambíen estos artistas y grupo de diseñadores exponen sus obras como en Nueva York , Londres etc. y todas con el mis proceso de diseño por computadora.

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